Sunday, December 11, 2005

Press release and pay-per-video service

Today weve started sending out our latest press release. Were announcing our full iPod playability and our plans for launching our pay service by Christmas, and a subscription service in the new year.

We welcome all critiques; comment away.

Press release - begins offering portable adult video podcasting begins offering portable adult video podcasting

Austin, TX - has begun offering free podcasts of iPod–playable adult videos. The site's video selections, updated daily, represent a wide range of adult content from dozens of third party sites. plans to launch their pay-per-video service in time for the holiday shopping peak, with subscription service plans available starting with the new year. Users will be able to purchase individual scenes, which average about 15 minutes, and watch them on their iPod or computer via a personalized podcast feed.

"Everyone recognizes that the video iPod is the hottest gift this year. The portable entertainment market is just being created, and we expect to sell alot of videos because of it. We also expect to cause alot of iPods to be purchased," said Porncaster president John Gibson.

Podcastings endless potential for personalization — as evidenced by a pay-per-download model as well as a user preference customization — allows for targeted content delivery that has only been dreamt of by media distributors.

Convenience is also a key factor in Porncasters strategy, saving users the time and frustration involved in acquiring adult content. Porncasting eleminates the common hassles of popups, banner–laden sites and links that seem to go nowhere. A few unscrupulous adult websites have been havens for malicious software, turning off many potential customers. The podcasting model virtually eliminates these problems.

Since the first iPod with video capability was revealled in October of 2005, the enormous future potential for video podcasts has been emphasized by heavy hitters from Steve Jobs to the Washington Post. represents a much anticipated response to a largely unserved demand for mobile adult videos. There have been audio-only entries into the market, such as Violet Blue's Open Source Sex, but so far video offerings have been sparce, with existing sites offering a limited selection.

Adam Curry, often called the original podcaster, has said, "Porn is just going to be huge. The porn guys are just going holy moly in gratitude for the new market that's opened up to them." reports 5 of the top 10 search terms for, one of the largest podcast lists, are for adult content. Verkata LLC estimates the potential podcast market at 100 million "listeners" and the Washington Post has reported that the U.S. mobile porn market is expected to be about $200 million a year by 2009.

Gibson believes that porncasts are only now taking a substantial place in the market due the previous lack of a proven business model and ambiguous legal standards. "Right now adult audio casts have no real revenue model and video has hardly been tried. Existing sites just kind of hope that people will occasionally stumble across their web site and click on an advertisement. We have designed our service to keep viewers coming back again and again, with faith that legal issues will be settled on the side of First Amendment."

The most outstanding legal question is the possibility of mobile pornography falling into the hands of underaged viewers. Porncaster believes that iPoddable porn is no different than normal digital porn. "By definition, anyone that could put our videos on an iPod has access to a computer, and therefore access to adult content. We intend, as do virtually all webmasters, to do everything we can to prevent transmission to underaged viewers," Gibson said.

Gibson acknowledges that both the potential rewards and risks loom large with adult video podcasting, but as "the market reflects a huge demand and virtually no supply," the launch of will at the very least help forge a new frontier.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Portable wonders

Weve begun inserting iPod playable videos into the feeds. Currently there is only one video per sponsor per day while we look for bugs.

Thoughts, comments, ideas? Post a comment and lets us know what you think.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Site changes

Weve put up a big new site update. Along with minor improvements in the interface, weve added a video play page and updated the FAQ. On the content end, we now offer some sweet OCCash videos.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Hitting the big time

Its official, is famous. Check out the story at Xbiz.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Porncaster is on the air is officially live. With the posting of the first videos, a happier and better masturbated age has dawned. One day, history will be split between BP and AP: Before Porncasts and After Porncasts.

Its official, the world is now a better place. Enjoy and dont get any on ya.